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Face mask pattern pieces_Adult Design 2_
Face mask instructions_Adult Design 2_p3
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These are instructions and pattern pieces for an adult female fitted face mask. This design has a filter pocket inside and a slot for you to put in a nose wire to keep the mask fitted to your face and stop too much air getting out and fogging up your glasses! I have played about with several different mask designs and found that this one fits me the best allowing for talking, which a lot of others don't. They are often too short top to bottom. It may not fit every woman but feel free to give it a go and to pass on to anyone who you think might like to make one. I will develop a bigger one for men and a smaller one for kids but haven't done that yet

I don't normally doing much sewing, in fact I haven't for more than 10 years but in this time of crisis we are all doing things we haven't done before or for a long time!

Just to back up the need for us all to wear masks take a look at Cambridge University's page here:

Fitted face mask instructions and patterns

Face mask instructions_Adult Design 2_p2
Face mask instructions_Adult Design 2_p1
Face mask pattern pieces_Adult Design 2_
Face mask pattern pieces_Adult Design 2_

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